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To visit India is to immerse into religion, dance, architecture, culinary delights, 

23 different languages and a billion people

India offers a different aspect of her personality – exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic to each traveler to the country. See the Taj Mahal, take a camel-back safari to a desert oasis, or seek the Bengal tiger in Ranthambore National Park. To witness the Aarti ceremony and holy rite beside the Ganges River at dusk will always stay in your memory.

Highlighted Attractions

Highlighted Testimonial

Joyce Novick has assisted me and my family, as well as my travel companion, with land travel and cruising, as well as assisting me in obtaining the best airfare connected with my trip.


Thank you Joyce for being a great Travel Agent and for helping me sort out problems regarding my trips.


I look forward to many trips in the future.

- Elaine A. -

Getting you to where you want to go in the style you deserve

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