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From sea to shining sea, this continent ranges from majestic mountains, sandy deserts to palm trees

Explore the US and Canada to discover the vastly different geography offering every adventure opportunity. Visit exciting modern cities with culture, art, music and entertainment along with the vast open spaces of National Parks.

Highlighted Destinations

Highlighted Testimonial

For many years now, Joyce has organized and planned our cruises. We couldn’t be happier with her work! We alternated destinations between cities with lots to see and beautiful tranquil seaside towns. The hotels she selected were always well placed, friendly. Due to Joyce's expert planning and advice, we were completely satisfied. With all the travel sites available on the internet these days, we only trust one travel agent: Joyce Novick.


We were so happy that we recommended her to our friends. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of traveling, very available and flexible for questions and redirection,

and a true joy to work with. We will never go on another travel adventure again without

using Joyce expertise !!!!!

- Gustav A. -

Uniquely fitting the travel arrangements to your requirements

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