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Ancient history and staggering landscapes combine with Latin culture and Eco tourism 

Starting from the top to the bottom of this fascinating continent, the weather swings from constant heat at the equator to blustery wind and cold at the bottom tip of Patagonia.  The raw beauty of the glaciers and the fascinating desert of Atacama juxtaposes against the Amazon River, wine country and the Andes mountain range.  Visit the ancient city of Machu Picchu or the bustling cities of Sao Paulo, Santiago and Buenos Aires for the varied flavor of South America.  Ecuador strictly limits their Galapagos Islands to keep the ecology of the region in balance. For the best view of a natural wonder see Iguassu Falls from a boat, which encompasses the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Highlighted Destinations

Highlighted Testimonial

With Joyce Novick's skillful planing we: rode a helicopter to a glacier and dog sledded in Alaska, toured palaces in Europe, rode a mule in Santorini, played golf in Ireland,visited Red Square, navigated the canals of Venice, stayed in a castle called Balyfin, biked in Berlin and Barcelona, visited Synagogues in Budapest and Toledo, explored Ephesus, sailed the Greek isles and sunbathed on the Almafi Coast! Joyce Novick is our "Go To Travel Agent". Hopefully many more Global Journeys to come.

- Cindy & Ronnie K. -

Carefully listening for better planning

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