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Journey to diverse regions; from the desert to snowcapped mountains

Australia dazzles with its contrasting landscapes: the glistening, modern skyline of Sydney and the timeless mystique of Uluru; the pristine corals of the Great Barrier Reef and the arid expanse of the Outback. New Zealand boasts the world's largest concentration of stunning natural wonders, including bubbling geothermal pools, brooding volcanoes, majestic peaks, dense forests, deep fjords and the sunny beaches. Goroka highlands in Papua New Guinea will take you to unspoilt locations and fascinating cultures.

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Highlighted Testimonial

Joyce I want to thank you for putting in the extra miles for my booking on the Sirena cruise. You have gone out of your way to research and find the best itinerary to suit my needs and ensure that I shall have a great trip. Thank you for spending so much time on finding me the right air flights so that I would not have to travel halfway around the world to reach my destination.

I look forward to traveling to many more exciting places with you at the helm.

- Gillian C. -

Carefully listening for better planning

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