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Four Seasons NYC hotel inspection


I attended a half day seminar at the Four Seasons hotel, located on 57th St off Madison Ave. in New York City. The title was "Behind the Scenes" and it certainly was. This iconic building was designed by I.M. Pei in 1993. We started in the sub basement in the massive laundry area. Next the room service kitchen, lobby, bar, Garden Cafe, shopping area and then to the renovated rooms. All rooms will be completely renovated as of Aug 2016. The FS carefully protects clientele from noise by blocking off the floors above and below the working areas. The hotel is just 23 yrs old and after the soft furnishings are completed, it will have an updated elegant look. The TVs are curved screen, the beds have lighting below and the furniture is upgraded to blond wood and modern accents. The views remain spectacular!

Most of all the customer service is outstanding as I witnessed by being invited to the daily 4pm meeting of the housekeeping/security/customer service employees as they reviewed the next day's arrival of VIP requests. Their attention to each client's details is what makes them a Five Star hotel.

Below from left to right: lobby, Garden Cafe, Spa, renovated room, bathroom


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