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Girls Getaway ~ Safety Harbor Resort and Spa in Tampa FL


This low key hotel and spa is perfect for a midweek getaway to regenerate your body and soul. The resort was founded on the location of mineral springs which feed it's spa water. I stayed here for just two nights and it was just what I needed. There is a huge spa with 30 treatment rooms which are all renovated. The usual fitness center and morning exercise classes are given. What made it so relaxing is that you can get the package of room and board plus a half hour massage for very reasonable rates. Included are breakfast and dinner daily. The food was surprisingly excellent. Basically there is nothing else to do in the area so you have no distractions. It is 20 minutes from the Tampa Airport. It does have beautiful views of the bay although not beachfront. You can rent a car and go to the other side of the island for the beach. This is a 3 - 4 star property and you get a lot for your money.

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