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I have just returned from a five day Travel Agent Familiarization trip (FAM) to this beautiful, zika-free, British Protectorate island. The population is 70,000 and 80% of the islanders work in the travel industry. The island has no exports - its all about tourism and they do it right!

This peaceful, laid-back island has topography reminiscent of Hawaii with large mountains formed from volcanic eruptions. St. John is the capital with a pier for cruise ships. I highly recommend this island for the greenery, hot weather, gorgeous beaches and fine dining available and outstanding customer service. Most of the tourist are British but Antigua is making a concerted effort to bring over the US market. Each hotel has a different vibe for a specific client. Ask me more about each of them!

The hotel/resorts I visited are listed below with website links:


Galley Bay

Carlisle Bay

Curtain Bluff

South Point

Blue Water

Jumby Bay

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