I have just returned from a five day Travel Agent Familiarization trip (FAM) to this beautiful, zika-free, British Protectorate island. The population is 70,000 and 80% of the islanders work in the travel industry. The island has no exports - its all about tourism and they do it right!

This peaceful, laid-back island has topography reminiscent of Hawaii with large mountains formed from volcanic eruptions. St. John is the capital with a pier for cruise ships. I highly recommend this island for the greenery, hot weather, gorgeous beaches and fine dining available and outstanding customer service. Most of the tourist are British but Antigua is making a concerted effort to bring over the US market. Each hotel has a different vibe for a specific client. Ask me more about each of them!

The hotel/resorts I visited are listed below with website links:


Galley Bay

Carlisle Bay

Curtain Bluff

South Point

Blue Water

Jumby Bay

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Joyce I want to thank you for putting in the extra miles for my booking on the Sirena cruise. You have gone out of your way to research and find the best itinerary to suit my needs and ensure that I shall have a great trip. Thank you for spending so much time on finding me the right air flights so that I would not have to travel halfway around the world to reach my destination.

I look forward to traveling to many more exciting places with you at the helm.

- Gillian C. -

With Joyce Novick's skillful planing we: rode a helicopter to a glacier and dog sledded in Alaska, toured palaces in Europe, rode a mule in Santorini, played golf in Ireland,visited Red Square, navigated the canals of Venice, stayed in a castle called Balyfin, biked in Berlin and Barcelona, visited Synagogues in Budapest and Toledo, explored Ephesus, sailed the Greek isles and sunbathed on the Almafi Coast! Joyce Novick is our "Go To Travel Agent". Hopefully many more Global Journeys to come.

- Cindy & Ronnie K. -